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Lanes, Blocks and "main" vs character storylines ? - alan.knittel1@gmail.com - 02-09-2024

I'm very confused in your examples that depict a "Main" lane (the main storyline?) and also depict a character's lane (storyline) below it. The story frameworks that have been presented for years are all based on a characters journeys responding to events and conflicts with others. I could argue that if an event occurs, say an earthquake, no one cares unless characters are affected by it. So the idea that there is a "Main" storyline belonging to no identifiable character is not easily understood. Even pretending that it's the "main" plot doesn't really work well, although you could dump external events in beats there and call that the "plot". 

I see in one of your videos (I attached a screenshot reference) that there are characters called out in beats along the "Main" storyline, but then the question to ask is, what is the reason for pulling out a single character to its own storyline? I seems to me that all characters' journeys should have individual storylines that interact with other characters' storylines, and tags and dependencies could wander through the beats as required. 

Are you suggesting an approach that is more minimalist? Does the Main storyline belong to the "main character? (the hero). I'm just worried about more complex stories needed multiple character arcs, and if those kinds of stories EVER have a "main" storyline?