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Full Version: Sync between my phone and iPad
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I have another question 
I can’t sync the app on my iPhone ( iOS 17.1.1) from my IPad (17.1.2) 
On my phone it looks like I never bought the app 
Can you help me ? 
Thank you
The first question is where you purchased the app. You may have purchased it both on the Apple App Store, Google Play, or from our website. We're not aware of purchases made on a mobile platform unless steps are taken to connect it to your HCW account.

So the first question is, if you have an account already, do you see your order on the Orders page in your account? If you see it and it says something about iOS or Google Play "Transfer License", then you've already done a license transfer. If you see an order but it doesn't mention a mobile platform, then you bought it from us. So far so good.

So, if you have a visible order and you can't sign in, then you're probably just out of activations. Activations can be lost if you change device without signing out, and in certain kinds of crashes. On the App Activations page in your account, if it says 5 devices activated, that's max. Click to reset, then sign in again. This doesn't affect your data, it's only activation. You should now be all set.

If you don't see an order, then you likely didn't purchase from us, but on mobile, and we don't know about it yet. Go to your mobile app, installing it if necessary. Then use a Pro feature (with a green Pro icon next to it), select I Already Own It, and then Restore. This restores your App Store purchase, and then app should now be activated on your device.

When you now sign in to the mobile app, we hear about your mobile purchase for the first time, and immediately copy the license over to your account. You should now see a Transfer License in your account. Now you can sign in on any device on any platform, and sync between them.

The simplest way to purchase the app is always from our website, because then it's already in your account, and no steps have to be taken other than signing in. But on mobile, most people don't realize that Apple and Google share no information with publishers, and we don't know that you've bought it on mobile until you deliberately sign in to the (already activated) mobile app. This is the first time we discover your mobile purchase.
I’m sorry but I purchase the app from your website but succeed to have it on my iPhone …
It’s like it can’t recognise me in any case ??

But doesn’t succeed sorry

I'm not 100% clear, did you purchase the app on the website, and now you're having trouble getting activated on your phone?

1.) Do you see your order on the Orders page on the website?
2.) On the App Activations page, how many activations do you see? If you see 5, you're maxed out, and need to reset. If you see no activations, then you're not activated anywhere.
3.) What does the app say when you sign in to it?