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Full Version: Transferring story structure from novel to screenplay
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About six months ago, you said here that you were planning an update, after which in Causality it would be possible to transfer the story structure from the novel to a new script file, and in the opposite direction - to transfer the script structure to a new novel file.
Can you please tell me when this update will be released?
It's a planned feature, but it's not scheduled yet. I wish we had large budgets and could do everything at once. We have to target our primary resources where there's the most pressure for the most users.

The feature is slightly different. It's multiple expressions of the same script, side by side, so that you have e.g. novel versions and screenplay versions of the same beat, side by side. Or script + storyboard versions. While the feature is a lot closer in the code-base than it used to be, I'm afraid of putting it on the board, because we really need to focus on especially sync/collaboration, and more core functionality like emotion tracking and the dependency graph, which is a reworking of the research area into a series of freeform canvasses/mindmaps.