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Full Version: Locking the Background
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Hello!  Would I be able to find out how to lock the background on Shot Designer and move multiple elements (characters, cameras, etc.) en masse into a different area?  I manage to do it accidentally quite a bit, but whenever I want to do it on purpose, I simply can't figure it out. Smile  Thank you!

It's a bug, fixed in the upcoming release. Basically, it's the multiple selection accidentally grabbing the background, which is supposed to be unmovable. It's only the UI object that moves, the data doesn't change (background images are always at 0,0). If you close and reopen the file, the background will jump back to its original position.
Thank you very much for the reply! How DO I do a multiple selection of elements if I want to move a bunch of things together?

You still have to do a multiple selection and move it. There's an update soon. In the meanwhile, if you open the scene again, the background will jump back where it's supposed to be. The change to the background isn't saved.
How do I do a multiple selection? I've tried hitting the shift key and clicking on multiple items, which seems to select them, but it doesn't work to then try and move them. Thanks!

Long-press and drag.
Thanks so much!