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Full Version: Export to pdf - Diagram in a Vector format
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when exporting to pdf (or jpg), the resolution of the diagram isn't high enough to properly read the description next to my shots.

Is it possible to use a vector based image in the pdf or export to a vector based image file (like svg or eps)?
Or can I set the resolution for the exported image somewhere?
Hi I have the same problem. It practically ruins Shot Designer for me as I would really like to have everything in print in high definition on set for the whole crew to be able to see. And even for web the quality is ridiculously bad you cant make out any detail. It so bad even making a screenshot in a 1080p monitor is many times better than the export quality. This is something that should be adressed immediately by the devs. Vectors could be a very nice and maybe fancy solution. But for starters just a high res jpeg would suffice. Actually, high res.
Hi there, I just wanted to add my support for this idea too. I seem to have issues with the resolution of the images I import (annotations/storyboard images) too.

What's the best, or recommended resolution and filetype to get high-res images in Shot Designer? Right now I'm using .jpegs saved at 300 dpi but they are always getting downsized to 72dpi (I'm guessing). So I'm sure exports are going to look very low-res and almost unreadable.